The 5 Biggest Reasons People Choose to Extend

The 5 Biggest Reasons People Choose to Extend

House extensions are one of the most popular home renovations on the market. They have a massive list of benefits to offer your property but having a little bit of insight into the reasons people choose to get one can really help you make the most of your design.

Growing Family

Needing more habitable space for bedrooms or even living space is always one of the most popular reasons to get a house extension. A growing family naturally needs more space, and whether you’re looking for a bigger kitchen, a separate bathroom, utility room or even a bedroom, extending your property is a sure-fire way to give the extra space you need and keep up the all-important quality of life, without having to relocate.

More Space to Relax

Relaxation for many people is something that falls a little off the radar when life gets more hectic, even though it really shouldn’t be. A house extension can often be the perfect remedy for the situation though; it just takes the right design. For some, a sunroom with a natural and outdoor feel is the ticket. For others, a media room or a home cinema type situation. It’s all down to how you like to relax but having that extra space that’s designed entirely around you can be the perfect thing you need.

Recreational Space

On top of relaxing, another extremely popular reason people opt for a house extension is actually to make more space to do what they love. That can be something like arts and crafts, a media room, somewhere for the kids to play or anything else you enjoy doing, really. With the option to extend any of your current room as well as creating entirely new spaces, the world is your oyster.

Resale Value

In addition, many build an extension to increase their quality of life and give them the space that they need at home, many people also choose to get an extension purely for property value gain, too. Renovations in generally, especially extensions, have a huge impact on the overall value of a property. As house values continually rise, that added value of an extension often will do too, which is a huge benefit for many people trying to increase their capital, both as business decisions and as homeowners.

Practical Use

Finally, it’s also important to remember that many people extend just for the sheer practicality of them, too. Utility rooms, bathrooms, ground floor bedrooms and more kitchen space are just a few of wide range of options you have. By making these facilities easier to use, more modern and to add more space elsewhere, it’s difficult to argue that these are not a practical addition.


All in all, purpose-built house extensions will always be more practical and usually more suited to you and your home life than a general extension if you’re not quite sure what you’d like to do with space yet.

Any experienced architect or designer should be able to have a conversation with you to help find out the features that matter to you most, taking all of these things into account and ultimately helping you to create your dream space. It’s all down to you.