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Designed Package

What will you get?

  • Explore the options that are available for your project
  • Enjoy a conceptual and in-depth development with all you requirements
  • All detail is captured including lighting, finishes and furniture layouts
  • Virtual design meeting to explore and amend your design prior to planning submission
CK Architectural

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  • STEP 1  

     - Survey and Site Check

    A design technician from our team will visit your home, inspect the site, take measurements and pictures, document everything involved within your project and confirm the project brief with you.

  • STEP 2  

     - Existing Plans

    To draw the property from the survey accurately and to scale.

  • STEP 3  

     - Concept Design

    We will produce a number of different ideas / initial concepts for us to explore together via a design meeting.

  • STEP 4  

     - Virtual Design Meeting

    Discuss and explore concept options with your designer via an online platform of your choice (ie Microsoft Teams / Zoom / Skype). Clear scaled PDF drawings will be issued to you for checking after the design meeting has taken place.

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  • STEP 5  

     - Developed Design

    Develop the agreed concept design and discuss any planning notes & recommendations.

  • STEP 6  

     - Design Amendments

    Up to 4 design amendments within the brief to ensure you get exactly what you need and to make sure every detail is perfect.

  • STEP 6  

     - Planning Submission

    After your approval, we will prepare and submit your relevant planning application to the local authority and include all the required details for the planners to review your application. Once submitted we will act as your agent throughout the planning process.

  • STEP 7  

     - Validation

    Once the application has been checked, your local authority will validate the application, assign a planning officer and issue a decision date.

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  • STEP 8  

     - M&E Schematic

    Plumbing and electrical schematics are added into your designs while we wait for the planning decision.

  • STEP 8  

     - 6 Week Check

    6 weeks after receiving the validation we will contact the council to make sure everything is on track for your determination (decision) date.

  • STEP 9  

     - Planning Amendments

    Any amendments that are requested by the planning department are completed free of charge, we will work with you and the planning officer to aid a positive outcome.

  • STEP 10  

     - Planning Decision

    If approved your second invoice will be issued out and once payment is received, we will schedule in your building regulation drawings. If refused, we will discuss other options with you.

  • STEP 11  

     - Building Control Submission

    Once your detailed designs have been completed, we will prepare and submit to building control for checking / sign off.

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  • STEP 12  

     - Building Control Amendments

    Amendments requested by building control are done to aid approval.

  • STEP 13  

     - Building Control Approval

    Written approval received that your designs comply with the latest regulations.

  • STEP 14  

     - Builder Referral

    We will give you at least 3 CK Architectural approved builders for you to contact

  • BUILD  

     - BUILD

    You and your builder can now begin works; your builder will take over responsibility for on site design changes as well as checking all dimensions on site.


Our Price List

What Included

  • Survey

  • Site Check

  • Existing Plans & Elevations

  • Basic Design

  • Concept Design

  • Virtual Design Meeting

  • Developed Design

  • Planning Preperation

  • Planning Submission

  • Planning Amendments

  • Basic Building Regulations

  • M&E Schematic

  • Builder Referral

** All our prices shown above are a minimum guidance

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