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We provide architectural services in Barnsley as well as the rest of the South Yorkshire county, offering home renovations and improvements at every level with expert advice and skills

We provide architectural services in Barnsley as well as the rest of the South Yorkshire county, offering home renovations and improvements at every level with expert advice and skills. We work at both residential and commercial architectural levels in Barnsley to ensure no matter what your project is, we have the tools, staff and experience you need to create something perfect for you.

We’re able to take your project through the entire design process, from initial designs and concepts using the latest technologies, right through the planning stages, building regulations, and offer a comprehensive project management service to help bring your project to life at the highest possible standard, too.

With over half a century of architectural experience, the CK team is comprised of expert architectural designers, architects, technicians, and a huge network of experienced professionals we can recommend for anything else you should need too. That’s not to mention our incredible admin and support teams who will guide you through every step of the process.

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House extensions in Barnsley

House extensions in Barnsley are one of the most effective home renovations that are available. With the potential for kitchen extensions, ground floor bathrooms, utility rooms and relaxation spaces with rear and side extensions, or even feature rooms, entranceways and living areas with typical front extensions, you really have the freedom to create the perfect space for your Barnsley home.

We work alongside you and your ideas, creative vision and your specific, unique project requirements to ensure we have every detail we could possibly need to design the perfect extension. We start the process with initial designs and concepts working with you and the size and layout of your home, before taking them through planning stages or permitted development where available, building regulations, and can even project manage the build of your house extension too. With our decades of experience, it’s all something we love doing to help you with your project. That includes everything from purpose built extension designs through to lighting, ventilation, feature requirements, and anything else you could possibly need.

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Loft conversions in Barnsley

Loft conversions are also popular in Barnsley, as they provide you with the extra space that you need without having to sacrifice any space outside of the home. They’re also the most budget-friendly option for the most part while still providing a whole world of space on the top floor of your home. With a range of styles available to you too, like dormers, hip to gable conversions, classic roof-light styles or even entire roof lifts, you can really make your project your own.

We’ll design your loft conversion with your ideas and uses in mind while factoring in the necessities like lighting, access, facilities and legalities like heights, stair placement and fire protection to create the perfect fit. They have the potential to be a true haven at home, giving you all of the benefits of a completely new space and the privacy of no neighbouring rooms.

New build house designs in Barnsley

New build and self build house designs in Barnsley are rapidly growing in their popularity. People are using this up and coming property trend to create ideal, bespoke and modernised builds at lower costs than typical house pricing, created entirely around their own standards to create a truly unique home. Whether that is being used for low cost first time buying, creating the perfect family home or even as a revenue generator as a developer or landlord business decision, they have a huge potential in what they can offer.

We work with you to create the design you love at any scale you need, tailored and amended by you to take through to the next stages. We can consult with the local planning authority for you to ensure project viability, before taking you through the planning and building regulation stages too. We then have our comprehensive project management service at your disposal, where we can take on the entire build, helping to select the best builders, administer contracts, provide a schedule of works, and inspect the site throughout the build to ensure only the highest quality.

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