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  • Ensure affordability from the first concept design
  • Multiple stage design checks
  • Go forward with confidence it is within budget
  • Get a detailed tender and contract package leaving little to chance
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  • STEP 1  

     - Extra Detail Survey and Site Check

    A design technician from our team will visit your home, inspect the site, take measurements and pictures, document everything that matters and confirm the project brief with you.

  • STEP 2  

     - Existing Plans

    To draw the property from the survey accurately and to scale, with extra detail to suit the project.

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  • STEP 3  

     - Concept Design

    Delve into different concepts through precise scaled outline drawings, showcasing alternative ideas and potential possibilities.

  • STEP 4  

     - Basic Schedule and Estimate

    A simple bullet pointed schedule of the works and estimated maximum and minimum costs.

  • STEP 5  

     - Design Meeting

    Arrange an in-person meeting at your residence to discuss design choices, project scope, and cost. We will provide guidance on construction, planning, and finalising the concept design.

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  • STEP 6  

     - Developed Design

    Once the initial concept is approved, we will refine the design details to align with the budget, planning requirements, choice of windows, furniture, and other relevant considerations.

  • STEP 7  

     - Unlimited Design Amendments

    We will make unlimited design revisions until every detail is perfect.

  • STEP 8  

     - M&E Schematics

    Prepare an indicative drawing indicating the approximate locations and quantities of plumbing, heating, and electrical fixtures.

  • STEP 9  

     - Approved By You

    Once you are happy with the designs, we can progress to the next steps.

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  • STEP 10  

     - Planning Submission

    After your approval, we will prepare and submit your relevant planning application to the local authority and include all the required details for the planners to review your application. Once submitted we will act as your agent throughout the planning process.

  • STEP 11  

     - Validaiton

    Your local authority will check your plans and validate the application, assign and planning officer and issue a decision date.

  • STEP 12  

     - Light Technical

    We conduct the initial phase of technical design to further evaluate the construction method, structural aspects, and related considerations.

  • STEP 13  

     - Detailled Build Estimate

    A comprehensive construction estimate that includes detailed quantities of materials and labour calculations.

  • STEP 14  

     - 6 Week Check

    6 weeks after receiving the validation we will contact the council to make sure everything is on track for your determination (decision) date.

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  • STEP 15  

     - Technical Design Review

    Conduct a virtual review of the building details, budget, and any planning change requests, utilising digital design tools.

  • STEP 16  

     - Planning Amendments

    Any amendments that are requested by the planning department are completed free of charge, we will work with you and the planning officer to aid a positive outcome.

  • STEP 17  

     - Planning Decision

    If approved your second invoice will be issued out and once payment is received, we will schedule in your detailed building regulation drawings. If declined, we will discuss other options with you.

  • STEP 18  

     - Basic Building Regulations

    Produce detailed drawings that demonstrate adherence to building control regulations, specifications, and essential construction details.

  • STEP 19  

     - Selection and Finishes Review Meeting

    At this stage, we thoroughly review and discuss all the provided information, including your selections and finishes, to ensure clarity and address any concerns or questions.

  • STEP 20  

     - Detailed Regulations

    The final drawings are prepared for the tender and contract documents, encompassing all necessary details and specifications.

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  • STEP 21  

     - Approved by Building Control

    Written confirmation that your design follows the latest building regulations.

  • STEP 23  

     - Tender

    Send the drawings and documents to CK Approved builders, accompanied by a concise project overview, to obtain estimates, quotes, and confirm their availability.

  • STEP 23  

     - Fixed Quotes

    Obtain a minimum of two fixed quotations for the project.

  • STEP 24  

     - CK Contract Complete

    You and your builder can now to plan and commence the construction work. Your builder will assume responsibility for on-site design changes and verifying dimensions as necessary.


Our Price List

What Included

  • Extra Detail Survey & Site Check

  • Existing Plans Detailed

  • Concept Design

  • Basic Schedule and Estimate

  • Design Meeting

  • Developed Design

  • Unlimited Design Amendments

  • Planning Preparation

  • Planning Submission

  • Planning Amendments

  • Light Technical Design

  • Detailed Build Estimate

  • Technical Design Review

  • Basic Regulations

  • BC Submission

  • Structural Consultant / Design

  • M&E Schematics

  • Selection & Finishes Review Meeting

  • Detailed Regulations

  • BC Amendments

  • Schedule of Works

  • Builder Tender

  • Fixed Quotes

** All our prices shown above are a minimum guidance

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