5 Ways to Build a Sustainable Kitchen

5 Ways to Build a Sustainable Kitchen

Creating a sustainable kitchen is a quick and easy step towards living an eco-friendly life and helping the environment. Simple changes to your lifestyle and the choices you regularly make will allow you to create a sustainable kitchen faster than you think. Not only will these changes be good for the planet they will also benefit your pocket! Following our straightforward tips to build a sustainable kitchen will have you helping the environment in no time.

Choose Efficient Energy

The choice between a gas stove or electric can be difficult. Natural gas is a fossil fuel and a lot of electricity is generated from coal burning power plants. So, when deciding between a gas or electric stove it is important to make sure your stove is as energy efficient as possible. For gas stoves, you should opt for a low BTU output and for electricity, stoves with induction elements will be the best sustainable option.

When buying appliances, make sure to opt for the energy efficient ones. Energy efficient versions of appliances are being developed like there’s no tomorrow, so you should not be short of options. Once you have committed to making the swap, check for take-back programs so that they are properly disposed of and not going to cause further harm to the environment.


Upcycling things in your home, transforming them into a something useful, rather than buying new is a really great way to meet you needs while maintaining eco-friendly. Reusing tiles from the bathroom in the kitchen or repainting your old dining room table to make it more modern is a great way to make your home more sustainable.

Sustainable Building Materials

If you are considering upgrading your kitchen to the kitchen of your dreams, it is worth looking into sustainable building materials to achieve your desired look.  Not only will this benefit the planet but will also save on your finances too. Some good sustainable kitchen design ideas can be opting for sustainable flooring such as bamboo, reclaimed countertops or reclaimed wood cabinets.

Be Clever with Food

When it comes to food in the kitchen, there are many ways you can make slight changes to be more sustainable.  Buying organic produce, where possible, is a great way to support local agriculture and become sustainable. Reduce food waste by not over buying food, planning meals and saving leftovers for another day are all simple ways that you can reduce wastage effectively. Airtight containers are a great addition to the kitchen to make food last longer and reduce wastage.

Do you ever chop off the top of a beet? There’s no need to chop the tops off most plants as they can be consumed. When it’s not possible to consume the full plant, it is worth getting into composting. You can have indoor or outdoor composting bins depending on your preference. They create goodness for your garden and create a beautiful and sustainable environment!


A sustainable kitchen can be a clean kitchen too! Why not try swapping standard cleaning products for natural, eco-friendly alternatives reducing chemical usage in your home and preventing harmful substances getting into the water. You can create DIY cleaning products that are a great cheap solution to helping the environment while maintaining a clean home. White vinegar, salt, baking soda and lemons are all you need!